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NFTs You Can Hold

3D printable assets with generative, on-chain digital traits.

Welcome to Ethentic.

In a 2D world of bits and bytes, Ethentic breaks the mold with the first of its kind:

A platform for generative, 3D-printable NFTs.

Collection I:

The Causeways

Procedually Generated

Each NFT is crafted and curated by the collection's on-chain Algorithm.


The Causeways NFTs are designed to be fabricated in the physical world. With the completion of the sale, NFT holders can purchase physical prints of their NFT from Ethentic.

Inspired by Legend

The Giant's Causeway has its origin staked in volcanic fissures and folklore. With the premiere of Causeways, Ethentic bridges the gap between myth and materiality.

Certified on Ethereum

All Ethentic prints are reproducible using information stored on the blockchain.

Generated at Mint

The 3D model, and all related images are generated after the NFT has been minted, allowing our collections to have a truly random distribution of traits and characteristics.

On-Chain Traits

By having the seed, traits, and art algorithm stored on-chain anyone can render the art out in its 3D form and bring it to life, no matter what happens to servers, IPFS pinning services, or anything of the sort.

Genesis Roadmap

Launch website and social medias.

Create and test Ethentic Smart Contract.

Architect and implement digital rendering automation backend.

Partner with industry-leading filament company.

Partner with local filament distributor.

Offset carbon footprint of sale. 🌳

Launch the Ethentic public sale.

Start shipping redeemed prints.

1.1 Roadmap

Partner with artist for next sale.

Work with artist to create digital renders of their work.

Develop CLI tool for checking printability.

Optimize/Expand 3D-printer farm.

Offset carbon footprint of sale. 🌳

Launch NILON community pre-sale.

Launch 1.1 public sale.

The Archivists

Meet the dynamic duo behind the Ethentic project.

  • Johnny F. Prints


    Ask not what your printer can do for you - ask what you can do for your printer.

  • Spoolius Caesar

    Rogue Renderer

    I came, I saw, I rendered.






Included in the mint of The Causeways NFT is membership to NILON - the community that will lay the foundation for Web3D and the future of Ethentic. NILON members will craft the lore behind the Ethentic Anthology and have insider access to all of the platform's future collections.

Moreover, members receive exclusive access to the NILON channel in the Ethentic Discord, and will be elligible for exclusive NFT mints that will be unavailable to the general public.